“What You Allow, You Teach”

I love this expression. I heard it over 10 years ago, and still use it today. In our rapidly changing world, there may be value in taking a moment to consider how this quote applies to our actions.

What do you allow, and therefore teach others about you that helps them succeed, and gives them insight into who you are?  For example, do you allow people to share their candid thoughts, teaching them that you listen and can handle hearing perspectives different from yours?

What do you allow and have taught is ok, when actually it’s not?   For example, have you taught people it’s ok not to finish a task as you’ll always finish it up to be sure it’s done?

The brain draws conclusions about what we are like, and how we are likely to respond based on patterns. Whether in our home, our workplace, or in our community,  it seems a great time to consider “What You Allow, You Teach”. 

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