Taking Off Your Bunny Ears

I took this picture while bike riding in South Carolina. My mind instantly started making up stories about what happened; as our minds often do.  I imagined a little girl stopping in her tracks, passionately ripping off her bunny ears, throwing them to the ground, and screaming “I’m sick of wearing bunny ears!” It was all very dramatic and charming in my mind’s eye.

Bunny ears might represent the accessories, outlooks and personas we adopt to send the world a message about who, or what, we are….or are not. Taking off our bunny ears would be a step toward being our authentic self in the world. A step toward embracing who we are as a whole person, the good aspects, the aspects that are still being tweaked, the passions, the human vulnerabilities, and the uniqueness.

What bunny ears are you sick of wearing? What might you be ready to toss aside so that you go forward in ways more true to your authentic self?

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