Letting Go Of Your World View

There is so much to learn from watching the human brain break. I’ve been living with a family member who is believed to have Alzheimer’s disease. Her experience of the world changes moment by moment as the disease impacts the functioning of her brain.

Recently she asked me if I ever watch what is happening in the neighbor’s house. She shared that she likes watching them at dinner.   She was interpreting the reflection in our dining room window as being the view into a neighbor’s home, though there are no other houses within view.

Responding required I let go of my world view; suspending my context, knowledge, and preconceived notions about the situation and surroundings.

Letting go of my world view and being curious about hers led to her sharing thoughts on the importance of family sitting around a table, relationships with siblings, celebrating with food, and sensory memories of her childhood.     I heard the stories behind what I have known of her value system and learned how her family of origin shaped how she sees and strives to operate in her world today.

What might you learn about those around you, at work and at home, if you were to let go of your world view and be curious about theirs?  What might you wish others better understood about your world view?

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