Fixing The Transmission

“I want you to jack up the truck and fix the transmission”, he yelled, reaching frustration with a discussion about operations.    His loud booming voice, his pointed finger, the groups startled expressions, and a metallic taste in my mouth are all attached to the vivid memory of that moment during my executive career.  I was the intended recipient of this sentiment.

It’s a memory that often pops up when I am in conversation on change.  Sure, his outburst surprised all of us. Certainly, his frustration could have been handled differently.  And yet, what a great visual on what change really entails. In many ways, making change does require us to jack up the truck and fix the transmission.

If you’re working toward a new result in an area of your life, here are 3 starter things to look at under the hood:

Tune up you values:  Our many hours and miles of busyness can get us out of alignment with our values. Values are the foundation for how we govern our self.  They represent our judgments about what is important to guide our decisions and our actions.  They frame who we want to be and how we want to live.  What values are guiding (or need to be guiding) this phase of your life?

Check out your fuel injectors:   Hugging the chosen road and steering clear of distractions requires a reliable steady stream of fuel.   The decisions we make over the course of each 24-hour day in areas like sleep, nutrition, exercise, quiet meditative time, and social time directly impact our fuel both physically and cognitively.   What quality of fuel are you providing to your engine?

Perform a brake inspection:  A safe smooth ride requires both acceleration and braking.  Often there is debris on our brakes and gas pedals, things like self-defeating habits, self-limiting beliefs, and inaccurate assumptions.   Taking time to chip away at that debris refines overall engine performance.  What might you need to slow down or stop in order to speed up and accelerate toward your goal?  What debris is it time to shake off for an upcoming road trip?

In what area might you be ready to jack up the truck and fix the transmission?

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