Don’t Be A Salmon!


Salmon against stream

I used to live near a fish ladder and was always fascinated with watching the fish navigate through it.  The ladder allowed them to move upstream, in this case over a dam, without being exhausted by the velocity of water coming at them.

If you pause and look at the bigger picture of your life, are you being a salmon?  Where might you be moving in opposition to the naturally occurring direction around you?  Is it by design, perhaps an effort to reach a new baseline?  Or might it be resistance, not being open to the “what is” in the current flow of life?

We have different neurochemistry when working the flow versus when working against it.  Finding a ladder-like path to our goal while also staying with the current is often a more positive experience. One which can activate our reward systems.  Resisting and exhausting ourselves without stopping to consider alternate routes that leverage the existing current often activates our stress systems and compromises our planning, objectivity, and energy.

For whatever you may want to achieve, it can be faster to get there if you remember…Don’t Be A Salmon!

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