The Brain Coach Way

neuroscience concepts for daily life

Bring a topic, question or curiosity
Explore through the lens of neuroscience
Leave with a concrete strategy
Go to How do I say…

How do I say…

Brain friendly approaches from wowing the crowd to even the toughest talks

Go to What next?

What next?

Chart your course, tackle projects and transitions, find your productivity zone

Go to Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck

Quiet your mind, gain clarity, balance your mind and heart, develop a plan

Go to I want more

I want more

Insights to stay healthy, age well, and live more of what you want

After many years of coaching and collaborating on projects and with people,
the comments I routinely hear are:

““I wish you could be in my ear when I have this conversation”

“This has totally changed the way I work with people”

“I finally have the tools and confidence I need”
“ I wish I had this information years ago”
“You make it sound so easy”

And it can be...

A bit about ...

With over 20 years of leadership experience, paired with credentialing in the neuroscience of leadership,
The Brain Coach Way helps you use brain based strategies to address the questions and challenges of work and of life.

It was just about 10 years ago when neuroscience came into my life...and forever changed it.
The impact that even a few basic concepts delivered keeps me chasing, learning, and using more.
My work is about how others can accelerate their goals through using these tools and insights. <br

Bring more neuroscience into your real-time. Experience the difference.
Develop your own love and passion for the brain-based sciences.
Live, work, and feel the way you want.

Debbie Raybold

Hudson Institute of Coaching
Post Grad Certification in Neuroscience of Leadership
Academy of Brain-Based Leadership – Certified for MBSLA
BA in Psychology

Hudson Institute of Coaching
Executive Coach
EQi and EQ360

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